Ol' Missouri Valley Paddles

From Forest to Sea, Man Made is dedicated to preserving life in the outdoors. So ready your vessels and let our new collection of paddles guide you through your next adventure.


The Ol' Missouri Paddles combine a classic shape and versitle handling with tasteful design. While your vessel is safely stored, let your paddle hang in sight to inspire your next river or lake adventure. Every paddle purchased will include a custom leather hanging strap that looks great and makes it very easy to hang on your wall.

How to Order...

Main photo are our core designs offered at this time. the order is from left to right numbered 1-7 PICTURE 2 1-9. Let us know which number youd like and you can choose your own colors or leave it as is. If you're looking to buy several please contact us before ordering and we will set up a custom listing with shipping costs included.

 Customize the color as you choose. Chances are we can accommodate your requests.


Processing time - 8 weeks due to holiday season