Old Henry Teal Hatchet

Man Made Co presents the Old Henry camp axe. A collection inspired by the days of old and dedicated to every tool that carries its story through every dent and scratch its endured. Forged and tempered in Chicago with High Carbon steel. The Old Henry Axe is a true testament to sustainable quality crafted tools. Every axe is meticulously Hand finished and sharpened to a fine edge assuring optimal performance in the field or at the campsite. Its 14" handle is shaped out of Americas finest Hickory and hand finished with a vintage feel. Every axe is securely harnessed with a hand made and stained 8-9 oz. leather sheath made with the toughest cowhide known to man. Gear up proper for your next adventure and always #BeManMade. Guaranteed best made axe in the USA! 

Processing time 1-2 weeks 


Tracking will be provided once item is shipped. Recipient is responsible for order upon delivery. Man Made Co is not responsible for lost goods. 


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