Hunter Hatchet

We Proudly present our newest line of Hatchets. The Hunter... Forged and built with American raw materials the hunter is unmatched in use and looks. We take pride in our work and respect every hard cent our supporters spend. This will not disappoint. Perfect for any kind of fire or field clearing to be had. The hunter hatchet is the perfect gift for any friend or loved one that admires the outdoors. Comfortable at grip and easily handled by anyone within reason. Hatchet comes razor sharp and is accompanied by a hand crafted leather Sheath custom sized to fit this specific axe. We off personalization on all of our axes so feel free to shoot us a line and we'll help you out. This is the best made axe and leather sheath in the USA guaranteed.


 Build Time: 1-2 weeks

Made in America by America!

The Axe

“A Man in the wilderness with nothing but a knife will live well but a man with an axe will live like a King”


Forged into history as the first devised tool created by Man and one that would stand the test of time. As settlers stepped onto Americas soil the AXE would soon be tested like never before. It quickly became a builder of community and sustainer of life. Man would learn to fell trees, build homes and set traps in hopes of surviving the vast wilderness they called home. Always at arms reach its been said that the identity of a man could be found through the shape of his axe handle. We chose the AXE as our Foundation Tool because it encompasses the meaning of usefulness and encourages the relentless pursuit of survival. We hope ours axes will instigate and ignite wonder for the outdoors and the new adventures ahead. There is nothing better for a man, than to eat and drink, and to be pleased of his work. Live – Breathe – Man Made



Tracking will be provided once item is shipped. Recipient is responsible for order upon delivery. Man Made Co is not responsible for lost goods. 

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