The Worth Of A Tool

I am a Carpenter and I’ve been so for all of my professional life. Raised by Men who only knew of hard labor - the transition for me would be seamless. How could I expect anything different for myself? My Grandfather was a carpenter, My Father is a carpenter and so then I too would go on to be everything that had been. I caught on quickly and became a tool for the growth of community. I remember how proud I was of my work. I remember the many times I had driven by the homes I had  worked on displaying them to family as if they were my showcase. There was a pride in me for the work I had done that was worthy to brag on. In time I got older and more into the business aspect of the trade. Money had become my craft and carpentry was only a means to it. In a sense I had lost the appreciation of my work and the great attributes that came with it. With the housing market now stagnate things have come full circle. My men are laid off or have found new jobs and I have no one to turn to but myself. I now wake up early every morning with a new sense of purity for the honest work I’ll do for the day. I find a simple appreciation for the quality tools I carry with me. My pouch and the tools it carries are over 10 years of age but holding strong. My callused hands I carry are held proudly through every swing of my hammer. I’ve renewed my love for my craft and once again know what it means to make an honest living.


Love what you do.